Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions

Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions

Protecting businesses, reputations and employees through high-impact compliance training solutions.

Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions is a compliance-focused business unit of the award-winning and globally recognized elearning provider Skillsoft. We help businesses protect themselves and their employees through a comprehensive suite of training services and cloud-based learning solutions.

Whether you're a global corporation, government entity, educational provider or small to large-sized business, Skillsoft's customization capabilities, relevant content and award-winning learning platform provide training and compliance improvement services to help mitigate risk, manage training, affect a positive cultural change and drive business improvement.

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Legal Compliance Training

With continually evolving compliance standards and increasing enforcement actions, the need to implement compliance training has never been greater. Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions offers flexible compliance training courseware that is engaging and interactive, which helps you quickly train employees to be aware of their legal obligations and company expectations.

  • Drive culture-based corporate governance by communicating legal standards along with the organization’s expectations for employee behavior
  • Efficiently engage all employees with high-quality training regardless of location or job role
  • Manage employees’ learning programs through a powerful platform with enhanced tracking capabilities
  • Remain nimble and adaptable to changes in the law or internal training objectives over time
  • Take a proactive approach on risk mitigation efforts and address critical operational risk concerns
  • Deliver compliance training in your organization’s own “voice” through customization

Workplace Safety and Health Training

Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions safety courses are all-inclusive and deliver high-impact compliance training to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your people and community. Our comprehensive collection of online training delivers a full health and safety training solution. Our comprehensive collection of online training delivers a full health and safety training solution complete with job aides.

  • Addressing safety management concerns and workplace compliance as an operational and competitive asset
  • Achieve a goal zero by mitigating injury at work, reducing workers compensation claims and decreasing financial risk
  • Guarantee employees follow safety procedures to satisfy OSHA regulations, DOT regulations and EPA regulations
  • Avoid penalties and citations for non-compliance and apply a risk mitigation strategy to your business
  • Increase production and boost employee morale and performance through high-impact workplace health and safety training

Food Safety & Alcohol Compliance Training

Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions food safety and responsible service of alcohol training makes it easy for you to provide quality compliance training without the time and cost of offsite alternatives. It is the balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness that makes Skillsoft a practical solution to meet your food and alcohol compliance needs.

  • Shield your business from legal recourse by properly educating your staff with food safety training.
  • Protect customers from food- and alcohol-related illness while enhancing the quality of your service environment
  • Train employees as professional food handlers, food managers and on responsible service of alcohol
  • Track employees’ training status via our learning management systems
  • Improve customer perception and employee retention while decreasing financial liability by mitigating your business risks

The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model

Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy: The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model(TM)

This white paper examines the five levels of the Compliance Maturity Model, citing specific examples of compliance successes and failures as they pertain to each level.

Length: 8 pages

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety & Hazards in the Workplace

This course from our EH&S collection, focuses on specific electrical hazards found in the workplace and methods to minimize or eliminate those hazards. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements.

Duration: 00:30:00

Demo: Handling Food Safely

Professional Food Manager: Handling Food Safely

This courses covers the personal hygiene measures that can prevent food safety hazards. It includes information on the proper hand washing technique, when bare hand contact is permissible and when to use gloves. It also covers the importance of personal hygiene among employees.

Duration: 00:30:00